Dr. Emily Chan ND
"In just a few days on the protocol she provided , I have so much more energy! I feel the best I have in years. Dr. Emily Chan truly understands how the whole body works and is able to accomplish a lot in a short time."
And Stop Running on Empty

Starts Jan 11, 2016
Are You Willing to Stay Fatigued or Stressed for Another Year?
Would You Like to End it Now?
You and your family is important enough for you to STOP feeling TIRED and to stop the OVER-THINKING
 that is wearing you out!

 This Comprehensive Interactive Video Program  
Tackles the Root Cause of Your Exhaustion and Stress 
so that You Start Having
Consistent Energy, and Peace 

What would be different in your LIFE if your energy level doubled?
For a limited time you can get the CONQUER EXHAUSTION Program Valued at $997
For ONLY $539
3 Monthly Payments of $187

You get to keep this program for at least 1 year, so this means, you can use it as many times as you like. All your courses are neatly stored in your personal membership portal. 

What's in My 30 Day CONQUER EXHAUSTION Program?
2 Modules Per Week with Access Anytime. Works with Your Busy Schedule.
Each week focuses on a different aspect of your body in a comprehensive approach to Energy
 Week 1: You are going get to the bottom of your exhaustion and hack your physical body.
 Nervous System
Week 2: You will rewire your brain for energy and rewire your brain for calm
Week 3: You will learn how to smash overwhelm and replace it with ease. You will take a peek into how successful people think and transfer that mindset over to yourself. 
Pillars to Health
Week 4: You will implement the secret pillars to a healthy body and learn the “Beat Exhaustion Morning Routine”. We will address your nutrition and lifestyle so that you have the nutrients for energy production 
1. Micro Nutrients to take for Energy Workshop, where you learn what supplements are the best to take to heal exhaustion by giving your body the micronutrients it needs to stay fueled up. The value of this first bonus is $150
2. Hack Your Specific Fatigue Type training, where you discover your specific adrenal fatigue pattern and how to repair it. The value of this second bonus is $150
3. Secrets to Healing Core Energetic Boundaries. This training will empower you to have skills to not let your environment or other people’s energy get to you. You’ll learn how to filter out what drains you so you will feel lighter in this experiential training. The Value this third bonus is $200. 
4. Scent Therapy for Moods Workshop. You’ll learn what essential oils you can use for addressing fear of what other people think, boosting self-esteem, healing an unhealthy sense of obligation, removing stuckness, supporting flow, getting clarity, and feeling relaxed. The value of this workshop is $200
FREE for the First 50 Registrants
Two live group Q and A calls where you get direct access to me to help you with your specific questions. The value is $500. 
Value of All Your Bonuses is $1200
Do You Want to Conquer Exhaustion and Stop Running on Empty?
You Matter, and Deserve to Take Care of Yourself So That You Can Be The Best Version of YOU with the People You Love
One Easy Payment of $539
3 Monthly Payments of $187

Dr. Emily Chan ND

Is published in medical journals and magazines. She enjoys speaking at medical conferences, and has appeared on television. She says, "My mission is to help you be healthy and vibrant so that you can live a life of greater purpose and meaning. I hope to inspire you to feel empowered in your health choices so you live a life filled with physical, emotional, and spiritual health and abundance."

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped"
-Tony Robins
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